SAFE Project :Pinggu's Sangeling Agriculture Bases Host Visiting and Exchange Activities

On June 30th, the " Supporting Scheme for MSMEs by Building Sustainable Agricultural Fresh Food Production and Logistics in China(SAFE)" successfully organized a visiting and exchange activity at Pinggu's Sangeling Agriculture bases. The purpose of this event was to share the interim achievements of the project. EU project officials, corporate representatives, project media experts, and others were invited to visit demonstration enterprises promoting sustainable agriculture. On-site exchanges and discussions were conducted.


Representatives from more than 27 chain restaurants, supermarkets, platforms, and other enterprises including Hema, Walmart, Yonghui, Vanguard, Minkanghui, Tangjiu, Suguo, Tianhong, Xinyulu, Baman, Xibei, Meituan, Alibaba, and others participated in the event. Over 50 representatives attended, including those responsible for food safety, quality control, and procurement.


The "SAFE Project" focuses on the entire process of green and sustainable production, food safety management, logistics efficiency improvement, and environmental benefits of fresh agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables, providing empowerment to small and medium-sized suppliers, including farmer cooperatives and distributors. This project is supported by the EU's Sustainable Consumption and Production "Switch Asia" project. Launched in March 2022, it has already achieved a series of outcomes.


During the visit, participants personally entered the sunken sunlight greenhouses of the three Sangeling Agriculture bases, gaining a deep understanding of advanced planting techniques and green agricultural management models. Attendees also tasted the fresh fruits and vegetables produced by the bases and expressed their appreciation for their taste and quality.


During the discussion, Zou Feng, General Manager of the " Sangeling Agriculture Project" at Bai Guo Yuan, introduced the overall situation of the bases, including project management mechanisms, planting techniques, and operations. He emphasized the goals and vision of sustainable agricultural development, sparking profound thoughts among participants about green agriculture. Wang Wenhua, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Chain Store & Franchise Association(CCFA), introduced the latest progress and outcomes of the project, as well as the next steps in the work plan. Wang Wenhua highlighted the positive role of the project in promoting green agriculture and sustainable development and expressed the association's continuous support for and promotion of this initiative. Question and answer exchanges and corporate discussions were also held.


At the end of the event, CCFA held a plaque awarding ceremony for the standardized reusable plastic crates demonstration base. Guests witnessed this important moment and took a commemorative photo together. The awarding of the plaque for the standardized reusable plastic crates demonstration base signifies the recognition of the contribution and efforts of Pinggu's Sangeling Agriculture bases in the sustainable development of agricultural product circulation. This demonstration base will provide viable solutions for the safe and efficient transportation of agricultural products and promote wider standardization applications, enhancing the sustainability of the entire agricultural product distribution system.


This event not only showcased the green agricultural practices and sustainable development achievements of Pinggu's Sangeling Agriculture bases but also further promoted the development of green and sustainable production, food safety management, and logistics efficiency improvement. It provided an opportunity for participating representatives to gain a deeper understanding of project progress and facilitate collaborative exchanges. In the future, the Sustainable Development of Agricultural Product Circulation Project will continue to empower farmer cooperatives and farmers through enterprise-driven training, imparting advanced planting techniques, green agricultural management experience, and standardized operation models to more farmer cooperatives, enhancing the quality and market competitiveness of their agricultural products, and promoting the sustainable development of agricultural product circulation in a broader region.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Switch Asia Programme under Grant Agreement ACA/2021/428-467